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RFID for Tank Container Tracking


1. RFID Project introduction
The problem of can container yard management chaos has been around for a long time. How to quickly pick up containers not only affects the internal management of the yard, but also plagues the entire supply chain of loading companies, tank owners, fleets every day because of the arrival time of a box Of collaboration efficiency!

The key problem here is: the one who is most familiar with the location of the cartons is the one or two forklift truck drivers. The forklift truck drivers are responsible for the on-site process of entering and exiting, and know where the carton is.
However, when there is little manpower, you can know where the carton is in the small yard. But some large yards with an average monthly number of 1,000 boxes and more than 4 layers of boxes stacked and requiring large traffic will lead to an increase in employment. The cost of overturning boxes is high, the efficiency of lifting boxes is slow, and shifting work day and night is a problem.

2. RFID solutions

2.1. RFID applying
When the truck delivers the cans to the tank container yard, the doorman applies the RFID tags (ID data) with the tank information (box number, order, company, contents, etc.) provided by the truck driver in the system. The binding is completed and stored in Temporary storage point.

2.2. Identify the tank
The forklift truck is coming close to the tank box to read RFID data, and the system retrieves various information of the tank box according to the ID.

2.3. Storage of tanks
The staff of the tank farm will store the tank to the appointed location according to the tank information. During this process, they continuously obtain the latitude and longitude information, altitude information, storage time, etc., and save the information on the server.

2.4. Query of tank information
During the movement of the tank, the current box number information and transportation track are displayed on the tablet in real time until the storage of the tank is completed and the RFID is separated.

3. Advantages of RFID system
Tank container yard management is an extremely important link in the tank container transportation system, and is also a very important task. Its contents include the preparation, leasing, transportation, storage, handover, distribution, inspection and repair of tank containers.

At present, tank management is mainly achieved through information management system combined with manual non-real-time manual data entry. Some advanced management systems use image recognition technology and use cameras to identify box numbers. These traditional scheduling methods always have the problems of low efficiency, high labor cost, high error rate, and poor real-time performance.

The RFID tank yard management system is far more efficient than traditional methods. RFID technology has been tentatively applied to tank management, and has achieved very good results. It is of great significance to effectively solve the storage and turnover of tanks and improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.