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5DBI Circular UHF Rfid Antenna

Products Mode: HYN504
Gain: 5dbi
VSWR: ≤1.3:1
Size: 128mm*128mm*37.8mm
Frequency: 865~868MHz 902~928MHz
Antenna Connection: N-50KFD (Type N Female)
Polarization: Circular


tubiao.png Product Features

Electrical Properties: It is a general antenna for UHF RFID applications with high gain and low VSWR.
Mechanical Properties: The compact and artistic antenna is suitable for all kinds of severe environment for its dual waterproof design with gasket and silicone and strengthening rib of shell.


tubiao.png Performance Specifications

Frequency Range:860MHz~960MHz
Maximum VSWR: ≤1.3:1
Gain:> 5 dBi
H side HPBW: 70°
E side HPBW: 70°
Polarization: Circular Polarization
Relative humidity: 5%~95%
Input Impedance: 50 Ω
Antenna Connection: SMA-50KFD(external thread female)


tubiao.png Physical specifications

Size: 128mm*128mm*37.8mm
Weight: 0.3kg (without bracket)
Material: Engineering Plastic ASA、Aluminums
Color:    Ivory-white
Enclosure Rating:    IP67
Operational Temperature:-40℃~+ 85℃
Storage Temperature:    -40℃~+ 85℃


tubiao.png Antenna size



tubiao.png Installation

The antenna can be installed on steal framed structure or bracket by own antenna bracket, and connect with reader with coaxial line. The antenna can be installed horizontally or vertically, it is decided by installation location, the angle can be adjusted after installation according to the real environment.
Antenna bracket is an optional accessory, you can choose according to your special requirement.

Installation Steps

1 installation
Step 1:Fix the L board on the antenna by using M6 screw,elastic washer and plain washer, please see Figure 3.



Step 2:Please use M6 screw,M6 U style screw bolt elastic washer and plain washer and “Dog tooth” to fix antenna  on pole , as shown in Figure 5.


tubiao.png Antenna performance figure


Common Problems and Attentions:
1. The antenna is a circular polarization antenna. Please kindly adjust the angle to get the best reading performance in practical applications.
2. The antenna can be used at the outdoor environments, but it’s not good to use it in an acid/alkali environment.