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HYR856 UHF RFID integrated reader 9dbi antenna for multiple tag inventory and waste bin management

Products Mode: HYR856
Support EPC C1Gen2V2.0 and EPC C1Gen2V1.2; Support ISO18000-6C/D; Support GB29768; The maximum output power is 31dBm and the Reading distance can reach 10 meters; Supports special commands such as FastID Tagfocus QT QTWrite QTRead BlockWrite

tubiao.png Products characteristics

l Support EPC C1Gen2V2.0 and EPC C1Gen2V1.2;

l Support ISO18000-6C/D;

l Support GB29768;

l The maximum output power is 31dBm, and the Reading distance can reach 10 meters;

l Supports special commands such as FastID, Tagfocus, QT, QTWrite, QTRead, BlockWrite, BlockErase, BlockPermalock, etc.;

l Support temperature protection, if the temperature exceeds the threshold (85 degrees Celsius), it will automatically stop working, and if the temperature is below the threshold (85 degrees Celsius), the device will automatically resume work;

l Antenna failure detection;

l Support IP65 protection level

l Support ESD ±8KV, surge differential mode ±1KV protection

l Support interfaces such as WIEGAND, RS232, RS485, GPIO, relay, etc.

l Support LAN, WIFI, 4G and other network interfaces

l Reading speed is 200tags/s

l Suitable for clothing, retail, electricity, books, warehousing, industrial automation and other industries;

tubiao.png Technical Parameter


Technical data


Peak Current


Max power output@12V

Average Current


power-saving mode@12V

Frequency range



Frequency hopping speed



Fixed power



Stepping interval



Radio-frequency power rising time



Radio-frequency power dropping time



Adjacent channel power leaking ratio






Frequency stabilizing ratio






Max Reading range


8dBi uhf rfid antenna


tubiao.png Appearance and structure

Size220mm×220mm×55mm weight1000g




tubiao.png Option setting

HYR856B --Support RS232/RS485/GPIO/wiegand/relay

HYR856L --Support RS232/RS485/GPIO/Wiegand/relay/Ethernet

HYR856W --Support RS232/RS485/GPIO/Wiegand/relay/WIFI


 tubiao.png Mounting Guide

 tubiao.png Accessories

Power supply: power adapter customized 12V 2A

 tubiao.png Interface Description


 tubiao.png Environment requirement


Technical data


Working temperature



Storage temperature



Relative humidity