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High Gain UHF 860-960 MHZ 4 Port Passive Rfid Reader

Products Mode: HYR831
Chip: Impinj R2000
Interface: Rs232TCP/IP wifi optional
Fixed Power: 33dBm
Stepping Interval: 1dBm
Tag Protocol: EPC C1G2/ISO18000-6C
Typical Read Range: 10m with 8dBi Rfid Antenna


tubiao.png Brief introduction

• UHF RFID Reader uses R2000 chips, It max power output is 31dBm
• RP TNC ports, with an 8dbi circular polarized antenna, reading distance can reach up to15 meters
• maximum identifying speed can reach up to 400 tags/sec
• 8 LED lights, real-time display working status
• Many external ports, Including RJ45 interface, RS232, GPIO_IN*4, GPIO_OUT*4, WIFI, can meet different client’s requirement
• Excellent read and write performance, it is suitable for complicated environment application, for example logistics, clothing, asset management etc


tubiao.png Technical data

No Item Technical data Unit Remark
1 Working voltage 12 V  
2 Working current 800 mA  
3 Standby current ≤100 mA  
4 Frequency range 840-960 MHz  
5 Defaul working frequency Frequency hopping MHz Frequency interval 250KHz
6 Channel bandwidth 250 KHz  
7 Frequency hopping speed ≤2 s  
8 Max Tx power 30 dBm  
9 Stepping interval 1 dB 5~30dBm, adjustable by software
10 Tag protocol EPC C1G2
11 Radio-frequency power rising time ≤500 μs  
12 Radio-frequency power droping time ≤500 μs  
13 Adjacent channel power leaking ratio ≤-40 dB ±1CH
≤-60 dB ±2CH
14 Frequency stablizing ratio ±10 ppm -25℃ ~ +40℃
±20 ppm -40℃ ~ +60℃
15 Max reading range 15 m 8dBi Antenna

tubiao.png Appearance and structure

• Size:190*145*30mm
• weight:1280g


tubiao.png External Interface


tubiao.png DB15 Interface define

No Item Technical data Unit Remark
Pin Signal name Signal direction Function/compatibility description  
1 GPIO2 Output   optical coupler isolation
2 GPIO3 Output   optical coupler isolation
3 GPIO8 Input   optical coupler isolation
4 GPIO6 Input   optical coupler isolation
5 NC      
6 NC      
7 GPIO1 Output   optical coupler isolation
8 GPIO4 Output   optical coupler isolation
9 GPIO5 Input   optical coupler isolation
10 NC Output    
11 NC      
12 GPIO7 Input   optical coupler isolation
13 NC      
14 NC      

tubiao.png Environment requirement

No Item Technical data Unit Remark
1 Working temperature -20~+70  
2 Storage temperature -40~+85  
3 Relative humidity 5%~95% RH non-condensing