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​Several points to help you choose a good uhf rfid reader/module

2019-03-28 17:10:27

When purchasing uhf rfid reader or reader module,many people have a misunderstanding,they think the reader module’s performance will be the same if they use the same hardware.That means they only take hardware into consideration,as for software part,like communication protocol or sdk files, It’s not a big deal. Just the opposite, software is more important when they on the same condition(same antenna,same tag,same chip,same environment),because performance will be realised by the software’s development. You could study the product spec,demo user manual before ordering, and if you have uhf rfid engineer, you could study the SDK file in advance also. When all the things be taken into consideration,then choose which suits you best,not the most expensive or the best performance products,just the one suits you best. And the next step is sample testing.Next time,we will talk about  testing methods for different application.