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Analysis of Cash Register Manufacturers in China

2019-09-06 15:42:13

At present, there are more than 40 manufacturers in the cash register market in China. These include foreign brands, Taiwanese brands and domestic brand manufacturers. Foreign brands are mainly IBM, WINCOR and NCR; Taiwanese brands are mainly patronage, Bao profit, Kun Shen and Fei Mao; domestic brands are mainly Hisense, Kawabata, Sundarongjin, Sino-Tech Yingtai, Sitong and Postal; in recent years, emerging manufacturers are EasyJet-Tung, Nagasaki, Guanshuo, Weiken, Jicheng, Yisheng, Weituo, etc. ECR manufacturers are Longfei, Far-away, Yisheng, Nagasaki, Donghe, Youchuang and so on.


Compared with POS machine sales, more than 10,000 brand POS manufacturers are IBM, Hisense and Kawabata; IBM products mainly occupy the high-end market, Hisense products are the main force in the middle and high-end market, and Kawabata products are the famous brands in the middle and low-end market. These three POS manufacturers with the largest sales almost occupy the POS market in China. Nearly a quarter of the market share; sales of Sundarongjin, Partners and WINCOR are not far from 10,000 sets, which are also the mainstay of POS brand machines in China; Bao profit, China Coke Yingtai are also famous brands of POS brand machines, Kun Shen and Fei Mao are mainly correctors in the touch screen market, and Kun Shen is also the main supplier of lottery machines in China. In recent years, emerging manufacturers from DIY-POS have also made rapid development. In addition to DIY-POS sales mode, they are gradually creating their own brand machines, but most of them are the lowest price part of low-end POS. These low-end brand machines plus DIY-POS sales are considerable, if the two forms are combined. Together, Easy Jettison and Nagasaki have sales of 10,000 units, followed by Guanshuo, Weikeng, Jicheng, Yisheng and Weituo. These seven large-scale manufacturers, whose annual sales of POS brand machines and DIY-POS have accounted for about a quarter of China's POS market.


Comparing the comprehensive strength of brand, quality, capital and reputation of enterprises, IBM, WINCOR, Hisense, Kawabata, Sundarongjin, China Tech Yingtai, Partner, Bao Profit, Kunshen and Feihao are the mainstays of the famous POS brand machine market in China. If Sitong and Postal are added, the sales of these 12 powerful manufacturers account for the total. China's 50% share of the cash register market basically covers the middle and high-end market of POS machines. Because these manufacturers'brand, quality and reputation are well known in the market, their strength is strong, and their marketing channels and agents are relatively stable, their annual sales volume is relatively stable, and they have different degrees of growth. These large manufacturers are particularly easy to win the bid for hundreds of large units such as petrochemical gas stations and thousands of villages and towns projects.


Market Situation Analysis of Touch Screen Cashier in China


In 2008, the sales volume of touch screen cash receivers in China was more than 20,000. Touch screens of foreign and Taiwanese brands occupied a larger share. IBM, WINCOR, Kunshen and Feihao were the main partners and Bao profit makers. There were also many Taiwanese miscellaneous touch screens represented by domestic distributors. S manufacturer also produces touch screen, but the share is small; in addition, there are a number of small private manufacturers in the production of low-cost touch screen, Shanzhai touch screen also has many active in this market, even the use of computer mainframe plus touch screen split machine, this part of the sales volume is considerable.


Touch screen cash register market is mainly in the catering industry. At present, hotels in high-end hotels, restaurants of higher scale and grade are used more, while restaurants in general are used less.


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