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Application of Contactless IC Card Module

2019-08-26 10:21:47

MF series Mifare read-write card module uses highly integrated read-write card chip as radio frequency base station, which meets ISO14443 TYPE A standard. It supports Mifare 1 S50, Mifare 1 S70, Mifare Light, Mifare UltraLight, Mifare Pro, FM11RF08, FM1208, CPU card and its compatible series of contactless smart cards.


The card reading module of MF system can be divided into two forms: Antenna Integration and antenna separation. It can be connected with external controller through communication interfaces including USB interface, keyboard interface, serial port, TCP/IP interface, etc. It has simple control and has a watchdog inside, which can effectively prevent the problem of crash. The module adopts full-form pasting technology and has excellent EMC/EMI performance.


Because the operation of ISO14443A protocol and Mifare card is very complex, it is difficult for engineers who are not skilled in it to develop a set of hardware and software for reading and writing Mifare card. If reliability, stability and development cycle are taken into account, it will be more difficult.


The card reading module encapsulates the complex ISO14443 protocol and the related operations of the card. All the reading and writing operations of the Mifare card become several simple instructions. Users do not need to understand the complex ISO14443A protocol, just need to understand the structure of the card used, and operate the card reading module through simple instructions. The complex operation process is completed by the MCU inside the card reading module. In addition to these various operational commands, we also provide customers with a full range of technical support services to speed up your development process and shorten the development cycle.


After rigorous hardware and software testing, this series of card reading modules are very mature, reliable and stable Mifare reading and writing modules, which have been verified in various occasions.


The system products are widely used in contactless intelligent water, electricity and gas meters, electronic induction door lock, traffic card reader, desktop card issuer, access control attendance card reader, automobile electronic induction lock matching, office/shopping/bathing center storage box security control, various anti-counterfeiting systems and production process control.


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