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Application of RFID Technology in Aviation Management

2019-09-23 15:35:16

With the rapid development of economy, the civil aviation industry has been unprecedented development, the airport passenger and cargo volume is increasing, people's demand for the airport service quality is also increasing. Because RFID technology has been widely used in all walks of life, large airports at home and abroad have also used RFID technology to improve the production, operation and service efficiency of airports.


What are the applications of RFID technology in airport management?


I. Airport baggage sorting management

Someone made a vivid analogy to the baggage sorting process: "An airport baggage system is like a city's road traffic planning."


The work flow of the baggage sorting management system is as follows: on the check-in counter, the baggage is labeled with bar code; after security check, the baggage is transported to the entrance of the baggage processing system; in the system, a UHF RFID reader and four antennas will be used to form a full 360 degree coverage; after reading and writing equipment obtains the tag information, the baggage will be sorted. Track until the luggage reaches the passenger.


Advantages of baggage sorting management system:


1. Rapid scanning

Bar code scanning is one-to-one correspondence, and UHF RFID reader can recognize and read multiple RFID tags at the same time.


2. Small size and diversified shape

The reading of RFID technology is not limited by size and shape, and it does not need to match the fixed size and printing quality of paper in order to read accurately.


3. Strong anti-pollution ability and durability

Traditional barcode carriers are paper, which is vulnerable to contamination, while the RFID tag is to store data in the chip, so it can be free from contamination.


4. Reusability

Most barcodes can not be changed after printing. RFID tags can add, modify and delete the data stored in the RFID volume label repeatedly to facilitate the updating of information.


5. Penetrating and Barrier-free Reading

In the case of coverage, RFID can penetrate non-metallic or non-transparent materials such as paper, wood and plastics, and can carry out penetrating communication. The barcode scanner must be at close range and without object obstruction before it can read the barcode.


6. Safety

Because RFID carries electronic information, its data content can be protected by password, making its content not easy to be forged and altered.


Through the baggage handling system, airlines can effectively solve most of the problems of misloading and misdelivering checked baggage, and greatly reduce the amount of compensation for lost baggage.


Tracking and Maintenance of RFID Aircraft Maintenance


Through tag tracking of aircraft parts, the production of fake and inferior products can be reduced and timely distribution of each component can be ensured. Tracking system ensures the visibility of maintenance tools in warehouse and use process, improves work efficiency and reduces costs.


III. Storage Management of Airports


There are a lot of goods in large airports. It takes a lot of time to find one. Through the goods information recorded by the RFID tag on the goods, we can grasp the status, location and other information of the goods through the special number of the goods, so as to facilitate the management of the goods.


IV. Management of Aircraft Oxygen Generator

Delta Airlines uses RFID technology to manage oxygen generators and understand the expiration time of oxygen generators. The information of oxygen generator can be viewed by the ultra-high frequency handset of RFID, which improves the work efficiency and reduces the error rate of information.


V. Passenger Service

The application of RFID technology in passenger service includes electronic ticket, VIP service, personalized service, airport navigation service and so on. The use of electronic tickets avoids the embarrassment of being unable to board because of the loss or forgetting of tickets; VIP services can use the exclusive RFID VIP card to achieve convenient services; humanized services can evacuate people and retrieve lost children through personal positioning; airport navigation can be achieved by using personal positioning and electronic map technology.


VI. Security

In terms of access control, authorized personnel are allowed to enter the restricted area through access card to avoid fees. In the flight area, the whole process of landing and takeoff of the aircraft is monitored in real time with GPS technology.

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