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Application of Second Generation ID Card Reading Module

2019-08-23 16:28:02

The second generation resident identity card of the People's Republic of China is a single-page card certificate made of multi-layer polyester materials, which is made by non-contact IC card technology. Since January 1, 2004, the second generation of resident identity cards have been gradually issued for Chinese citizens. With the work of the second generation of resident identity cards, some related supporting industries have also been born. The second generation ID cards have six characteristics: integrating IC card technology, improving anti-counterfeiting performance, shortening certification time, increasing storage information, re-determining the validity period and expanding the scope of issuance. It uses the international advanced type B non-contact IC card reading technology, coupled with SAM authorized by the Ministry of Public Security. After security authentication with the special chip in the second generation of resident identity card by wireless transmission, it reads out the personal information in the chip, uploads the information to the computer, and completes the security authentication. Decoding, display, storage, inquiry and automatic input functions, to read the second generation ID card information must be equipped with a special reading and writing module designated by the state.

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