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Creating an Efficient Logistics Management System with RFID Technology

2019-08-05 17:28:15

Logistics plays a very important role in the supply chain of the whole enterprise. Through the batch identification of RFID, we can realize the logistic process of warehousing, warehousing and sorting. Through GPS positioning system, real-time vehicle on-the-road information can be obtained. Through the real-time data analysis and report function of server and data center, it is possible to grasp the dynamic change of enterprise resources. Intelligent logistics system greatly improves the efficiency of the whole supply chain. Logistics management RFID system uses intelligent network reader with strong performance, rich functions and flexible configuration. Aitem's RFID supply chain management system will also bring new breakthroughs for the application of RFID in logistics field.

Intelligent Logistics:

The RFID supply chain system is mainly composed of stable and reliable RFID UHF reader and antenna, RFID UHF handset, supporting management software and special electronic tags. The use of RFID tags to identify each logistics box, the installation of RFID UHF reader or handheld terminals in key links, so that goods in the whole logistics link to achieve batch reading, rapid access to warehouses, tracking the direction of goods, so that all stores and warehouses can be real-time inquiries, so that the inventory of logistics. The process is smoother, and the decision-making level can get the warehouse data information in time.

When the goods with electronic tags pass through the warehouse entrance, the information of the goods will be read quickly by the reader or the RFID channel machine, and the data will be transmitted to the database. The goods will be transported to the designated place by forklift truck or conveyor belt. The RFID supply chain system can realize the docking with the existing digital warehouse.

图片3.pngWhen goods are delivered out of warehouse by forklift truck or conveyor belt, the information of goods will be read quickly by reader or RFID channel machine. The data will be automatically transferred from the database, and the goods can be loaded and transported. The equipment has multiple interfaces and can query the goods in real time.

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