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Current Situation of Application of RFID Technology in Libraries at Home and Abroad

2019-07-29 15:46:18

The application of RFID technology in libraries has a history of about ten years. Globally, more than 5000 libraries have used RFID technology, and the annual rate shows a sharp increase. There are many successful applications of RFID in libraries at home and abroad.


It is understood that the National Library of Singapore is one of the libraries that used RFID technology earlier and widely. The National Library of Singapore began to test the application of RFID in Library circulation, sorting and logistics system in 1998, and it was fully completed and put into operation in 2002. Since then, with the maturity and perfection of the solutions put forward by RFID manufacturers for library applications, foreign libraries have begun to plan and implement RFID. ParkGrove Library in Minnesota, Oglethorpe Mall Library in Georgia and Gail Borden Public Library in Illinois introduced 3M Intelligent Book Return and Inspection System to provide all-round self-service, respectively. The Library of Max Planck European Institute of Legal History in Germany has a long service life. For 40 years, the RFID tag system has managed historical documents; Incheon University of Korea has adopted Finolantai RaceTrack RFID high frequency tag and ECO library automation scheme to achieve automatic library management; the Riverona Regional Library of Australia has tried out RFID in Wagga City Branch Library and expanded it to 10 branches. All these indicate that the library has reached a consensus on the application of RFID technology to achieve intelligent management, and RFID has become the mainstream trend of modern library management system.

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