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NFC Technology Advertising Machine Application Program: Contactless Marketing

2019-08-30 16:15:20

What is NFC? This is the abbreviation of Near Field Communication, translated as "Near Field Communication Technology". Not clear yet? Apple Pay, the latest hegemony, always knows that it uses NFC technology. Some people say that I am an Android user and can't afford a tall Mac. Well, the traffic card has always been in touch with it. That's NFC technology.


Earlier I read news about Japan's preference for NFC/near-field communication technology. I heard that swiping cards on mobile phones has long been a common practice, and I don't know whether it is true or not. But from some new science and technology news, at least from the side, it reflects that the people of this country really like swiping cards. Yes, they swipe their cards even when they see an advertisement. In short, the promotion and advertising opportunities offered by NFC are unlimited.


With its fast wireless communication and humanized touch connection, NFC is extending more and more from a professional RFID application to the mass light application. Especially now, NFC mobile phones are becoming popular. With the promotion of operators, NFC payment is also developing vigorously. It is very important to enrich the surrounding application of NFC ecological environment.


"We want to make it easier for people to read information on their mobile phones." "With a touch, you can connect to the digital world."


Intelligent applications can not be completed in one's own hands. Mobile NFC functions can only be brought into full play when combined with reader platform. So can NFC advertising applications. The same is true for NFC advertising applications. The scheme of NFC advertisement machine is to embed NFC module on the basis of advertisement machine, which makes the advertisement machine more intelligent and convenient. Customers can also personalize their settings according to their own needs. NFC advertising machines generally support three major functions: membership login, coupon download, advertising details.


The domestic NFC payment is in full swing, but the application around NFC has not kept up with the pace. The emergence of the application case of NFC technology advertising machine has great attraction for the advertising industry, which needs communication, interaction. After all, Be Cool is the most effective means to attract consumers and customers.


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