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RFID Laundry Electronic Label in Apparel Asset Management Brilliant

2019-09-16 16:47:39

At present, hotels, amusement parks, large factories and hospitals have a large number of clothes and clothes to deal with every day. Because of the need to change work clothes regularly, clothing washing management is particularly important. The application of RFID technology and the identification and management of clothing individuals, based on the ultra-high frequency RFID technology, realize the laundry industry rapid collection, sorting, automatic inventory, clothing collection efficient work platform, greatly improve work efficiency and reduce the error rate.



Through waterproof RFID, the management system can achieve unified recovery, logistics and acceptance in real time and accurately. It greatly improves the unified management efficiency. Through the machine-washable RFID tag tracking management system, workers can check the location of uniforms and washing times. The RFID laundry system can pre-set multiple washing and post-treatment uniformity.


State of uniform:

1. Initialization status. 

2. When adding new uniforms to the system, the state of uniforms can be specified. Generally speaking, the unified positioning should be designated as "borrowing". 

3. After borrowing, the state should be "borrowed". 

4. When employees return their uniforms, the status becomes "to be cleaned". 

5. Laundry should be uniformed and changed to "washing".

 6. The laundry service should be returned to the uniform and then changed to "borrow". 

7. If any part is evenly lost, the system will display "lost".

 8. If damage is found, the unified state of the system will be changed to "scrap". 

To improve productivity, hotels have introduced cleanable RFID laundry labels to manage uniforms. The Hotel tagged each uniform and automatically uploaded the information to the server through the chip. When checking a set of uniforms through a reader, the system can immediately read the model, size and color information of all clothes without scanning bar codes one by one. Due to the use of cleanable RFID tags for clothing management, the hotel has also launched a clothing self-service system to improve efficiency. When employees pick up clothes, they can simply go to the front of the device, brush the employee card, put several uniforms in front of the RFID reader, and then quickly confirm.


If there is any size mismatch with the employee card, the system will alert. From a technical point of view, RFID laundry labels are designed to be soft, compact, heat-resistant and clean. UHF RFID tags are widely used in garment management, Hotel unified management, unified rental management, garment rental management, etc. Because the interface of UHF RFID tag used for laundry is EPC global C1G2 specification, it has been widely used as a global standard. Therefore, most RFID readers can read it. Readers can read hundreds of labels at a time by packaging, which greatly improves work efficiency. It used to take hours, but now it's a few minutes. It can check the washing times of each uniform and arrange reasonable waste recycling time. Make effective inventory and unified life cycle management. You can view the unified department and staff information. This is very useful for anti-theft, can improve the awareness of employees to maintain personal uniforms. Faster, more accurate and safer. Improve efficiency and reduce errors.


Many hotels, hospitals and amusement parks have adopted this RFID tag for laundry management, which not only effectively improves the efficiency of unified management, but also greatly reduces human costs. By installing RFID tags on each washed clothing, the staff will write customer information and clothing information into the RFID tags, and automatically identify and collect information for background processing.


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