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RFID Technology Promotes Intelligent Disinfection Management of Surgical Instruments in Hospitals

2019-09-12 16:29:11

The operating room of a hospital is one of the busiest and most important departments. Every operation affects the hearts of many doctors, nurses and patients. As the main tool of operation, surgical instruments are of great importance. Any slip in the operation may cause incalculable loss. Intelligent management of surgical instruments will bring great convenience. RFID radio frequency identification technology is used for multi-label, rapid identification and acquisition capabilities, thus realizing intelligent management of surgical instruments.

Most medical institutions have set up equipment disinfection service centers or supply departments to disinfect medical devices, pack surgical instruments, prepare equipment needed for surgery, manage and rent medical equipment, and acquire or purchase equipment, implants and other work. But the most important task of these service departments is infection prevention and control. The Supply Section ensures that all medical supplies are thoroughly sterilized and disinfected before operation in accordance with strict and standardized procedures.

RFID Technology Promotes Intelligent Disinfection Management of Surgical Instruments in Hospitals.

At the same time, it is also an important task for these departments to ensure the correct disinfection of trays and cleaning baskets. Improper disinfection of trays and cleaning blue is usually considered a serious medical accident, and hospitals will bear a great legal risk. Correct disinfection of pallets can reduce the risk of infection of patients and reduce the risk of responsibility of hospital operating teams.

RFID can help hospital process management very well. By installing electronic tags on each device, it provides a real-time, accurate and automatic electronic information recording method. RFID does not require hospitals to introduce new process systems. It can seamlessly dock the existing system processes of hospitals and provide relevant documents and information in each link of the process. The whole system can also be updated automatically when the equipment is repaired or maintained.

The main functions of RFID technology are as follows:


1. In the Department of disinfection and supply before operation, the cleaning of surgical instruments needs to go through multiple procedures. The omission of procedures may lead to potential safety hazards, which can be effectively solved by introducing the supervision measures of RFID automatic identification technology.


2. Management and checking of packing and packing of surgical instruments. RFID reader can be used to detect possible omissions in packing and sorting of surgical instruments.


3. Operating room equipment management, including pre-operative check-up, post-operative checking and doctor's confirmation, requires accurate identification in each link to avoid serious consequences of missing surgical instruments in patients.


4. Comprehensive information management, statistical inquiry, report system.


Management of leased equipment is also a troublesome matter. Hospitals will lease medical equipment and equipment that they do not intend to buy for the time being. Hospital supply departments also need to clean and disinfect these equipment and identify them to ensure that they are better maintained and preserved. Therefore, the use of RFID for these devices can also improve the utilization rate and management efficiency.


Preventing surgical infection is a great concern of all medical institutions. The hospital supply department can reduce and avoid the occurrence of infection by automated disinfection management process. All surgical instruments are strictly controlled by prescribed disinfection and drying to ensure the proper storage and use of surgical instruments. RFID can realize the automatic and intelligent management of the whole disinfection process. After the hospital uses RFID to comprehensively manage the surgical instruments, it can read all the instruments within a few seconds only through the RFID tag reader. The data collected automatically can be used to analyze the blind spots and defects in the management process. Form a strong basis for quality improvement and certification.


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