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RFID Technology for Optimizing Photoelectric Switches

2019-09-30 11:07:12

With the rapid development and popularization of industrial automation, the application of intelligent automation in industry is more and more. Due to the rapid increase of production scale and human cost in manufacturing industry, the manufacturing industry is undergoing gradual transformation and upgrading. The most basic of building factory intellectualization is to realize unattended automatic collection and processing of manufacturing information. The emergence of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) makes intellectualization and probability become a reality and an important upgrader of manufacturing industry. Direction and development trend. RFID technology makes photoelectric switch more intelligent.


Although photoelectric switching light has the advantages of small size and short response time, its disadvantage also limits its development, and many users are troubled by it. And the RFID industrial card reader just makes use of its own technical characteristics to make up for the shortcomings of photoelectric switch.


Photoelectric switch disadvantage:


1. The information of products can not be read accurately on the industrial production line, which is greatly affected by the environment. Especially when there is much dust, the photoelectric switch can not get the information correctly.


2. It is not aseismic, has poor corrosion resistance and is greatly affected by the environment, so its application is limited.


3. It can not be used outdoors or in places where the sun shines directly or there is no shade, resulting in harsh conditions for many product lines.


4. The difference of adapting to environment temperature should not be too big, otherwise it will affect the reading and receiving of product information.


Just when users are worried about this problem, the reader of the RFID production line "grandly debuts" uses its own anti-seismic, compressive and accurate reading characteristics to solve the problem for users in Nantong.


How can the reader of RFID production line make use of its advantages to open a more intelligent, automated and technological road for industrial production?


1. It can be used in harsh working environment, rain, snow, hail and other environments, high and low temperature environment can be used normally, without affecting its reading speed and accuracy. Available ambient temperature: - 20 ~70.


2. Dust-proof, water-proof and earthquake-proof IP60 protection grade, strong penetration, stable reading, low error rate.


3. It can be widely used in various environments with little influence from environmental factors. It can be used in both bright and dark environments.


4. Read accurately to avoid missed reading when products on the production line deviate from the transmission or turn in special scenes.


RFID transmission line card reader has fast response, high precision, small size, multi-function and strong anti-interference ability. In addition, it can reflect the information of each station and node to the management background in time and quickly, so as to facilitate the management to understand every link of production, the quantity and location of products in time.


As intelligent production brings great benefits to an enterprise, it not only improves productivity and reduces labor input, but also introduces a new type of RFID technology management, which solves many troublesome problems, strengthens management means and improves revenue. With the rapid development of the Internet of Things and the emergence of more and more technologies, RFID technology has realized the automatic control and management of production line, broken through the concept and scope of traditional production line data acquisition and monitoring system, enabled production line and logistics information exchange and intelligent identification, processing and management, and established the whole process of enterprise production process. Automatic control information database.

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