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RFID - The Way of the Future

2019-03-20 15:52:50

RFID has been talked about a lot in the past few years and for good reason. It is essentially the future due to the significant role it can play in every industry you can imagine. Healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, hospitality, retail, education, you name it!

One of the significant reasons for its adoption across various types of businesses is that the cost and complexity associated with RFID is minimal. RFID tags, RFID readers, RFID infrastructure as a whole can be integrated into existing products and solutions quite easily. For those of you who are not familiar with how RFID really works, here is a short little explanation:

UHF RFID Tags: Small little chips of various sizes with information loaded in them.

UHF RFID Readers: These are your scanners with antennas built-in to scan for information from the RFID tags.

Now, how this essentially works is that the RFID tags are loaded with information and the RFID reader's antenna sends out radio signals in short bursts which essentially communicates with the RFID tags and also powers the RFID tags which enables them to communicate. So basically you are sending/receiving information without the middlemen: Wires! It is a really neat concept which is being adopted worldwide to enable businesses keep track of their investments and it provides them with a more efficient way to carry out various tasks.

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