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Radio Frequency Device, Magic Science and Technology Wisdom Create a Better Life

2019-08-20 08:59:28

Nowadays, the competition of physical stores is becoming stronger and stronger. Effective and convenient management is the top priority of the real economy. Quick and efficient work efficiency has become an indispensable competitive position in the industry. It is also the focus of attention to minimize costs, improve efficiency, and achieve a better state of business development, so that managers, operators and customers can bring greater convenience. Aitm's RFID equipment makes the problem more convenient and clear, and makes the managers more convenient.


In the management of chain stores, the ultra-high frequency handset of RFID is mainly used as a tool for data acquisition and data interaction. By reading the information of barcode/RFID tag, the handset transmits and feeds back information between foreground and background databases. The shape of RFID UHF handset is fashionable and lightweight, which is convenient for various applications in mobile occasions. It plays an important role in the management of stores, crews, warehouses and distribution. It greatly improves the efficiency of management and has been rapidly applied in many places, especially in chain stores.


Take the management of purchase, sale and storage as an example: when goods are put into storage, the handset reads the barcode or RFID equipment attached to the goods itself and transmits the goods information to the backstage database; before the goods are sold, the detailed information of the goods can be inquired through the barcode or label attached to the goods, including the surplus quantity in the warehouse, the price of the goods, and so on. Type, discount, etc. When goods are sold, through the operation of the product, the product order is generated and submitted to the background database, which reacts to it, updates the information of the product and feedback the order acceptance. After the order is settled, the background database updates the information of the product, which guarantees the product. It proves the balance between sales and inventory. In daily inventory, only reading the information of goods and returning it to the database system can get the feedback information of inventory and sales.


Stores receive commodities distributed by higher units, and manage the return of commodities on and off shelves. They must also handle all kinds of goods out of warehouse. For the goods delivered by suppliers, the acceptance personnel in the receiving area can check the information such as the code, quantity, place of production, variety, specifications, packing time and quality guarantee time of the reference items one by one as long as they pass through the RFID UHF handset. After obtaining the information, upload the database, and save the information to the background database.


Convenience and Fastness of UHF Handset Based on RFID


By deploying wireless network in the whole store, the staff of the RFID UHF handset can inquire about the specific location and space status of goods on the shelf in the cargo area at any time, and check the storage situation, space size and sales volume of goods quickly sold through daily sampling and inventory, and record them to the system warehouse. The area, capacity, volume and equipment limit can be used to analyze and use the space more effectively by using historical data, so that the utilization rate of space, the quantity of goods purchased and the placement of goods can be adapted to sales to the maximum extent.


By using the ultra-high frequency handset of RFID, attached to barcode and RFID equipment, the following operations can be performed quickly and accurately in commodity management:


Commodity data management: can read and input the information of modifying commodities; Commodity organization structure management: used to manage the quantity and gross profit of various classifications of commodities; Goods position management: used to manage the shelf position of commodities; Shelf position management: including new products shelf, shelf adjustment, shelf merger, etc; Commodity status; Change: Used to set the "saleable" and "off-sale" status of goods; also can manage the price of goods: historical price changes, in-sales pricing, promotional pricing, price reduction sales and other prices.


Inventory management of goods: It can take inventory of the whole store, partition and other ways to produce relevant profit and loss statements, timely return to the central database, ensure the accuracy and standardization of management, and provide the basis for the headquarters to master the accurate data of the large stock of goods in various stores. Membership management function: Membership management is achieved mainly through the management of membership cards. Through hand-held or desktop devices, members'cards can be read, written and other operations to exchange information with the background system.


RFID UHF handsets make use of RFID devices, radio frequency signal identification objects, and information that can be read quickly without contacting with RFID technology. At present, RFID handsets are widely used in identification, asset inventory, automated management and other fields to achieve efficient and accurate management.


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