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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology Shows Its Skill in Overcoming the Pain Points of Retail Industry

2019-07-10 16:31:54

RFID technology has brought tangible benefits to the retail industry, which is nothing more than that of retail enterprises. So, in the retail sector, how does RFID technology play its role?


As we all know, the retail industry from procurement, storage, packaging, loading and unloading, transportation, distribution, sales to services, the entire finished product supply chain is interlinked. Enterprises must grasp the flow and change of the entire business flow, logistics, information flow and capital flow in real time and accurately, in order to effectively and quickly realize sales or replenishment. In addition, inventory efficiency, real-time data, employee engagement, data accuracy, product feedback and data depth have been regarded as six major pain points of retail industry, which have also been the difficulties retailers want to overcome.


Retailers use RFID as information carrier, relying on network communication, system integration and database application technology, to establish an information platform for government supervision, sales and other links. And this information platform can record the whole industrial chain from production, processing, storage, transportation to terminal consumption.


With its unique identification method and technical characteristics, RFID technology enables the supply chain system to more easily and automatically track commodity dynamics and realize the automatic management of goods. Moreover, RFID technology also provides the retail industry with advanced and convenient data acquisition methods, convenient customer transactions, efficient operation, fast and insightful decision-making means. Through the application of RFID technology, retail inventory, returns, theft-proof, cash register are gradually realizing the digital logistics management.


Moreover, each RFID tag has the unique ID number in the world, UID. It does not need to read the barcode tag of each item. It can greatly improve efficiency and save manpower cost. Moreover, the enhancement of anti-theft function based on RFID supply chain technology can reduce the loss rate of goods and material cost. 。


For Chinese enterprises, there is another key challenge in the large-scale application of RFID technology. That is, compared with the counterparts in developed countries, the management informatization of Chinese enterprises is relatively low. However, this does not mean that Chinese enterprises must invariably repeat the path that their counterparts in developed countries have taken, that is, first informationization, then barcoding, and then considering RFID. The maturity of RFID technology and products provides more options for the informatization of Chinese enterprises. Chinese enterprises can choose another way to take a leapfrog development path.

The application of RFID technology in the retail industry will continue to increase, and it will play an increasingly important role in improving the competitiveness of modern retail enterprises. In the future, based on RFID electronic tags may replace paper tags and set off a new wave of application boom. However, it can be predicted that more RFID companies will enter the retail layout in the future, competing for the retail market dividend.

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