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Some Trends in the Development of UHF RFID Antenna

2019-05-14 15:14:33

     With the rapid development of RFID technology, the application fields of RFID technology will become diversified, and UHF RFID antenna will continue to develop. Because of the diversity and diversity of application scenarios of RFID technology, UHF RFID antenna will also change with the change of application scenarios. The future trend of UHF RFID antenna will have several main trends: green environmental protection, anti-counterfeiting and anti-transfer, diversification of raw materials.



                                                                                   9DBI Circular UHF Rfid Antenna

     1.Green environmental protection: The traditional production technology of electronic tags is mainly based on etching copper or aluminum foil technology, but in the production process of etching technology, waste, waste gas and wastewater will be produced, and even some toxic, harmful and even highly toxic waste will be produced, which will bring serious harm to our lives. Environmental Science. Therefore, our living environment and market need it. There are new RFID antenna technology and new element injection.

    2.Anti-counterfeiting and reprinting: With the continuous improvement of anti-counterfeiting label printing technology, the technical difficulty of anti-counterfeiting label is increasing, and the cost of anti-counterfeiting is also increasing. Therefore, sewing needle counterfeiters often use another method to achieve the purpose of counterfeiting: tear off the anti-counterfeiting label on the genuine product and use it on the counterfeit product. In this way, the confusion of authenticity is also very important for the loss of manufacturers and consumers. Therefore, in anti-counterfeiting label printing, the application of anti-transfer technology is very important.

    3.Diversification of antenna raw materials: Label antenna raw materials have gradually changed from a relatively single form to a diversified form. Raw materials are based on heavy metals such as aluminium and copper. It is well known that in the production process of aluminium and copper as raw materials, a large number of pollutants will be produced, which is harmless to the environment, long time and high cost. With the gradual progress and maturity of technology, nano-silver, ink and other advanced technical raw materials are gradually becoming mature. Using nano-silver, ink and other raw materials will overcome the limitations of heavy metal production process, not only greatly reduce environmental pollution, but also reduce the cost and production time.

    With the wide application of RFID technology, the development of UHF RFID antenna will be a sign of the maturity and progress of antenna technology. With the rapid development of RFID technology, I believe that more new products will appear. UHF RFID antenna technology will be more and more popular with consumers and industry. UHF RFID antenna will also usher in its spring.

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