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Some things about UHF RFID Antenna

2019-04-04 15:06:04

  UHF RFID Antenna is designed by a variety of wavelength power supply, depending on the software and location.Generally efficient UHF RFID antenna models will provide the best coverage, faster registration with radio frequency identification tags and greater click rate tag reading. Correct UHF RFID antennas will save time and money for specific RFID users and provide more reliable and accurate reports.

   Current radio frequency identification methods include 13.56 MHz high frequency, 915 MHz ultra-high frequency (or ultra-high frequency) and 2.4 MHz RTLS.

   UHF RFID Antenna Models are usually circularly polarized in a specific path. In the United States, the traditional configuration is right-handed circular polarization and left-handed circular polarization in Europe. Manufacturers usually point out the design of radio frequency identification antennas, because both RHCP and LHCP will point out the type of polarization. In most applications, the actual direction of circular polarization is irrelevant because the label word is a straight line.

  Winnix is a UHF RFID Antenna supplier with 10 year experiences.Our UHF RFID reader antennas can be used to work with our long range UHF RFID fixed reader, UHF RFID 1 and 4 port uhf rfid reader module as low cost PR9200 chip reader module, Impinj R500 and R2000 chip uhf rfid modules. As different antennas have different features, the RFID solution is made to choose specific rfid antenna to match rfid application. We provideuhf antennas in various kinds of shape and formsuchas Linear Panel, Indoor, Outdoor, LHCP or RHCP Polarization, Circular Polarized, Patch Panel,Narrow-beam or Near-field, PCB or Ceramic etc.All of these factors work together to make your rfid application built successfully in line with ISO and EPCGlobal Gen 2.

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