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The Benefits of RFID Technology

2019-03-21 11:03:14

RFID is a general term used to describe systems that transmit product and service identities over radio waves. It is one of the latest and most effective automatic recognition technologies. The main purpose of RFID technology is to enable data to be transmitted through any portable device commonly referred to as a tag, which is read by an UHF RFID reader and processed according to the requirements of the application. Because it can track moving objects accurately, it has attracted worldwide attention.

A typical UHF RFID tag has a microchip connected to a radio antenna mounted on a substrate. Each chip can store up to 2 kilobytes of data. The stored data can be retrieved by an UHF RFID reader, which has its own antenna, transmits radio waves and receives signals from tags. The information received by the card reader is transmitted to the host in digital form. The host uses this information in various ways. Their biggest applications are asset tracking and supply chain management.

RFID technology simplifies the process of automatic data capture and brings many benefits to applications using it:

The UHF RFID tag has no positioning problem and can be placed anywhere, even without scanning the line of sight.

UHF RFID tags are more robust and secure, and can be used in harsh weather and harsh environment.

They help reduce misplacement of goods because they become easier to track.

They enhance product visibility and facilitate operation

Information stored on RFID tags can be updated repeatedly.

The UHF RFID tag has a longer reading range, so it makes more sense on the factory floor, where it can be scanned remotely from forklifts and scanners.

They help to reduce human error.

It is difficult to duplicate UHF RFID tags, while other identification methods are easier to duplicate.

RFID technology has been developing continuously in the past 50 years. Despite its many benefits, one reason it takes time to apply to applications is the lack of standards in the industry. In addition, UHF RFID reader and tag conflicts are other problems in RFID applications. When signals from two or more readers overlap, reader collisions occur, and tags do not have the ability to respond to two or more queries at the same time. When there are too many tags in a small area, there will be tag conflicts. However, these can be easily avoided to benefit from many other benefits offered by this technology.

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