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Three Common UHF Radio Frequency Identification Technologies

2019-04-04 10:23:14

UHF RFID technology was first used commercially in livestock as grazing management and cattle identification. Tube-shaped RF cards were implanted into the cattle body. Using reading devices, different cattle could be identified. At the same time, the growth of cattle could be recorded and the cattle could be carefully managed. By the 1980s, several companies in the United States and Europe began to produce UHF RFID labels, and applied RFID to more occasions, of course, most of them in military management.

UHF RFID systems generally have the following applications:

1. Channel Management

Channel management includes people, vehicles or goods. In fact, it is to identify and confirm the people or goods entering and leaving the corridor, decide whether to let them go, and record them. At the same time, it is necessary to alarm the people or goods that are not allowed to enter and leave in order to achieve more rigorous management, such as access control, book management, radio frequency card supermarket anti-theft, free parking management system, etc. All belong to channel management.

2. Data Acquisition and Identity Confirmation System

Data acquisition system uses data acquisition device with UHF RFID reader to collect data on the RF card, or read and write the RF card to achieve data acquisition and management. For example, our commonly used identification system, consumption management system, social security card, bank card, attendance system and so on belong to data acquisition and management.

3. Positioning System

The positioning system is used to locate vehicles, personnel and production items in automatic management. Readers are placed in designated spaces, mobile vehicles, ships or automation pipelines. Radio frequency cards are placed on mobile personnel, goods, materials, semi-finished products and finished products. Readers are usually connected to the main information management system by wireless or wired way. The system can analyze and judge the information read from the radio frequency cards, and determine the location of people or objects and other letters. Information, to achieve automatic management, common applications such as museum goods positioning, prison personnel positioning, mine personnel positioning, production line automation management, wharf goods management.

UHF RFID technology is widely used in many fields, such as communication transmission, industrial automation, commercial automation, transportation control management and identity authentication, etc. There is also great room for development in warehouse logistics management, production process manufacturing management, intelligent transportation, network household appliances control and so on.

The principle of UHF RFID is to transmit data by transmitting radio signals for contactless data identification and access, which can achieve the function of identity and goods identification or information storage.

UHF RFID system in the specific application process, according to different application purposes and application environments, the composition of the system will be different, but from the working principle of UHF RFID system, the system generally consists of two parts, radio frequency card and card reader. The following are explained separately:

Radio frequency card

In UHF RFID system, the signal transmitter will exist in different forms for different application purposes, the typical form is the radio frequency card. Labels are equivalent to barcode symbols in barcode technology. They are used to store information that needs to be recognized and transmitted. In addition, unlike barcodes, tags must be able to automatically or under the action of external forces to actively transmit the stored information.

Radio frequency card is the essence of UHF RFID system. Radio frequency card is generally composed of internal antenna and IC chip. ID information is recorded in IC chip. IC of read-write chip also has a sector that can store data. It communicates with card reader through wireless mode to realize data reading and writing. After the RF card enters the magnetic field, if it receives the special RF signal from the reader, it can send the product information stored in the chip by the energy obtained from the inductive current, or actively send the signal of a certain frequency. The reader reads the information and decodes it, then sends it to the central information system for data processing.


 In UHF RFID system, the complexity of card reader varies significantly according to the types of tags supported and the functions completed. The basic function of UHF RFID reader is to provide a way of data transmission with labels. In addition, the UHF RFID reader also provides quite complex signal state control, parity error checking and correction functions. In addition to storing the information to be transmitted, tags must contain additional information, such as error checking information. Recognition data information and additional information are compiled according to a certain structure and sent out in a specific order. The UHF RFID reader controls the transmission of data stream by receiving additional information. Once the information arriving at the reader is correctly received and interpreted, the reader decides whether the transmitter needs to resend the transmitted signal or know that the transmitter stops sending the signal through a specific algorithm, which is called "Command Response Protocol". This protocol can effectively prevent misreading even if multiple tags are read in a very short time and a very small space. The UHF RFID Reader should be used in accordance with the radio frequency card. At the same time, the UHF RFID Reader should cooperate with the corresponding control and computing equipment. For example, the UHF RFID reader should be equipped with corresponding controllers. The common communication modes between the UHF RFID reader and the controller are RS485, W26, W34, RS232, etc. The main purpose is to transmit the read data to the controller in order to achieve more complex communication, identification and management.

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