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UHF RFID Antenna Layout Makes a Difference

2019-03-21 10:38:12

These options can be daunting if you are considering installing an RFID system. There are many factors to consider, such as location, coverage and potential interference. RFID applications can be as diverse as environmentally sensitive products related to cold chain management, so that they can monitor a large number of active monitoring products related to homeland security, thereby affecting the distribution of large-scale equipment and blocked varieties and the selection of impact-resistant products for warehousing.

Generally efficient UHF RFID antenna models will provide the best coverage, faster registration with radio frequency identification tags and greater click rate tag reading. Correct UHF RFID antennas will save time and money for specific RFID users and provide more reliable and accurate reports.

Frequency: UHF RFID Antenna is designed by a variety of wavelength power supply, depending on the software and location.

Current radio frequency identification methods include 13.56 MHz high frequency, 915 MHz ultra-high frequency (or ultra-high frequency) and 2.4 MHz RTLS.

Tag Direction: Polarization is important for optimal signal transmission. Standard wireless community antennas for mutual communication are often installed with the same linear polarization.

Polarization Direction: UHF RFID Antenna Models are usually circularly polarized in a specific path. In the United States, the traditional configuration is right-handed circular polarization and left-handed circular polarization in Europe. Manufacturers usually point out the design of radio frequency identification antennas, because both RHCP and LHCP will point out the type of polarization. In most applications, the actual direction of circular polarization is irrelevant because the label word is a straight line.

Gain: The antenna for your radio frequency identification reader is used to guide and shape actual UHF RFID Readers. These antennas can generate benefits that allow community installers to optimize policy areas. UHF RFID Antenna with higher gain makes the transmission distance longer, but the beam is narrower. Antenna with lower gain will provide you with more comprehensive coverage design.

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