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UHF RFID Handheld Terminal in Railway Appliances and Motor Vehicle Parts

2019-06-13 08:49:01

In order to promote the standardization of EMU basic data, strengthen the technical management of EMU spare parts in the process of purchasing, warehousing and maintenance, and speed up the intelligent construction of high-speed rail power supply and maintenance, each branch of China Railway Corporation introduced two-dimensional code plus RFID technology to realize information management in combination with its own situation.


In order to meet the supply demand of EMU maintenance materials and strengthen the whole process management of railway spare parts from acquisition to scrap, Shanghai EMU depot has optimized the material management module of EMU maintenance system, established two-dimensional code warehousing management, two-dimensional code workstation material distribution management and two-dimensional code quality tracking management system of important spare parts, and collected information through two-dimensional code of handheld terminal. The management level of material storage, distribution and quality tracking has been greatly improved.


The establishment of RFID automatic identification system for locomotive parts effectively solves the problem of information management for EMU parts. RFID electronic tags are added to important parts and parts information is read through RFID handheld terminals. The whole process of traceability management can be realized for the parts from manufacturing, circulation, use, maintenance and asset management.



In order to speed up the intelligent construction of high-speed rail power supply and maintenance, the Bengbu vascular section of Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway Management Company of China Railway Electrification Bureau has successfully developed an intelligent management system of facial recognition for industrial appliances. The system is based on Internet of Things technology, and uses ultra-high frequency (RFID) electronic radio frequency automatic identification technology to establish an "identity card" for each tool, and all the appliances involved in production operations. Objects are connected to each other to realize the detailed, standardized, intelligent, visualized and informationized maintenance and management of the whole process of identification, use and monitoring of tools in the terminal management platform.

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