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UHF RFID Handheld Terminal in Warehousing Logistics

2019-06-13 08:31:03

With the rapid development of electronic commerce and other fields in recent years, the quantity of materials in warehousing and circulation links has increased explosively, and the speed of material circulation has become faster and faster. The previous warehousing management model has been unable to meet the needs of development, especially the simple technology based on barcode recognition has shown some limitations.


RFID intelligent handheld terminal is a wireless portable device that integrates RFID radio frequency technology with data terminal. It has the characteristics of large storage capacity, long use time, multiple communication and expansion interfaces, hardware modules can be selected and matched according to different needs, software can be customized according to user needs, etc. It is widely used in warehousing management, such as inventory, inventory, material out of warehouse, retrieval and inquiry.


RFID storage handheld terminal

The UHF RFID handheld terminal independently developed by Pingbang Science and Technology has high performance UHF reading and writing module and powerful processing and storage functions. It has outstanding group reading performance. The most accurate data acquisition distance can be more than 5 meters, and IP65 industrial protection level. Using wireless network environment and backstage warehousing management software, we can accurately count the quantity and location of materials, accurately manage the process of warehousing and discharging of each material, and realize the informationization, scientificalization and precision of warehousing management.


1. Inventory

When warehousing, warehouse keeper downloads warehousing information from warehouse management system through intelligent terminal, obtains detailed warehousing data, reads RFID tag information, compares whether the goods information is consistent with the requirements of warehousing list details, and registers information such as date of material warehousing, and transmits all information into warehouse to central management system through wireless transmission.


2. Material on shelves

RFID intelligent handheld terminal downloads the material information that has been stored but not on the shelf in this warehouse, reads the label on the material or material packaging box, identifies and determines the material, then reads the shelf label information needed on the shelf, and uploads the related information of the material and shelf to the backstage system in real time, thus realizing the dispatch of the material placement position by the manager.


3. Inventory counting warehouse

After downloading the inventory data generated by the warehouse management system through the RFID Smart Handheld terminal, the warehouse administrator can collect, count and determine the inventory information one by one according to the specified order after the operation prompt of the smart terminal, and record the quantity and quality of the inventory in real time, and continuously transmit the inventory data to the backstage system, thus enabling the administrator. Obtain inventory profit and loss data.


4. Selection of Material Depot

When leaving the warehouse, the warehouse administrator downloads the material information needed to leave the warehouse to the RFID intelligent terminal through wireless network, then checks the quantity and variety of goods by reading the label information on the materials or packaging boxes. After the information is correct, the warehouse administrator registers the time of material leaving the warehouse, and uploads the generated data to the warehouse management system, and timely transfers the account of the backstage system to the actual warehouse. The situation corresponds to each other.


5. Material Retrieval and Query

At any time or on the way of logistics, the information of the material can be inquired through the intelligent terminal reading the label. Especially when the box is not open, the information of the material in the box can be identified, which makes it more convenient for managers to realize real-time inquiry and command and dispatch on the spot.

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