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UHF RFID Maternal and Child Identification Management

2019-07-03 09:41:44

     Babies and mothers wear wristbands, baby wristbands contain active long-range RFID tags, mother wristbands contain active short-range RFID tags, and ensure that once baby wristbands are put on, if removed, their active tags will send alarm messages through the system. And the wristband has waterproof and moisture-proof treatment. Babies'active RFID is used to identify their range of activity systematically, and the handheld card reader is used to recognize the matching relationship intuitively for close examination of infants and mothers.


In the number of wristbands, a number of pairs can be made according to the number of rooms and beds in the mother and baby room. (Many pairs can be set in each room, and some additional temporary matching cards can be set to meet the situation of room insufficiency and temporary arrangement.) A card reader is arranged in the activity space to collect the information of the baby. Each room where the baby is located is equipped with a locator (adjustable distance, 3-8 meters), and a long distance card reader (distance is 20 meters) is installed in the corridor. Every baby's wristband information will be automatically uploaded to the application software management subsystem for data processing; in important peripheral channels, it is designed to be accessible only by authorized personnel. Maximize the elimination of unrelated personnel casually in and out.


system function

1Real-time positioning of infant region:

It can locate the area where infants and medical personnel wear location tags in real time and display them on the map of monitoring terminal.


2 Regional Infant Number Statistics and Electronic Naming:

Real-time statistics of the number of babies and the actual number of babies in each region, and prompt the name or number of babies leaving.


3 Infant Search:

At the monitoring end, the name or label number of the baby can be entered to find the current location of the designated baby or the mother of the baby.


4 Disappearance Warning:

Some infants can be monitored with emphasis. When these labels leave the designated area or disappear, the system finds the corresponding alarm.


5 Cross the border and leave the alarm:

Some areas belong to important areas, such as staircase exits, corridors or hospital gates. When unauthorized labeled infants or medical personnel appear in these areas, the system will give an alarm. It can also be set in some areas that certain babies are not allowed to leave the area within a set period of time, leaving or disappearing system alarms, such as baby rooms. If the baby leaves the room without authorization, the system will alarm.


6. Overtime and alarm:

Certain special areas can be set. When a baby or mother stays in this area for more than a certain period of time, the system alarms. By preventing some accidents.


7 trajectory playback:

It can query the track of a baby's movement at a certain time in the past, which areas the label has visited during this time period.


8 Video Linkage:

Each positioning device can be bound to a camera. By clicking on the map of the monitoring terminal, the video of the location device's area can be invoked by clicking on the map of the positioning device. When there is a specific alarm, the system automatically calls the video of the alarm area.


9 Label Temporary Authorization:

When an infant needs to temporarily enter an important area or leave the nursery temporarily, it can be temporarily authorized by the system to allow him to enter an important area or leave the nursery for a certain period of time.


10 Electronic Label Fault Alarm:

The main faults of the electronic tag are the low battery voltage of the indicator tag; the wristband worn on the baby is damaged or removed; as long as the wristband worn on the baby is taken off, the system will warn; whether it is cut or removed with tools, the system will warn. When the battery voltage of the tag is too low, the system will also prompt that the battery needs to be replaced as soon as possible.


11 Personnel Service Calls:

Special card positioning labels have function keys. When a mother needs service or is in danger or needs help in case of need, just press the function key system to display the location of the help, and call up the nearby video camera

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