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UHF RFID Readers - Making Commercial Applications Simple

2019-03-20 10:55:32

Essentially, we see that the demand for UHF RFID Reader applications goes far beyond the use of traditional retail and supply chains. The reader can be used in a variety of amateur and commercial applications, using UHF reader to solve problems, including access control, user identification, robot navigation, inventory tracking, payment system, car theft prevention and manufacturing automation. Unlike the ubiquitous UPC barcode technology, UHF RFID Readers do not need contacts or lines and communication vision. UHF reader can be read by human body, clothing and non-metallic materials, which are accomplished by RFID reader.

The purpose of UHF RFID Reader device system is to enable data to be transmitted by portable devices called tags, which are read by RFID reader and processed according to the needs of specific applications. UHF RFID Reader is generally composed of computer and radio. Computer management communicates with the network, allowing labeled data to communicate with enterprise software applications.

UHF RFID Readers sometimes referred to as RFID scanners or radio frequency identification interrogators, are radio frequency transmitters and receivers that can read and code information to radio frequency identification tags. UHF RFID Readers come in many types, such as fixed, portable or embedded devices. Fixed UHF readers allow automatic data capture, while handheld UHF readers enable verification and anomaly functions.

The correct combination of portable and fixed UHF RFID Reader is critical to maintaining maximum visibility throughout the supply chain. With the help of different UHF RFID Reader solutions, the whole life cycle of the product can be tracked, from its creation to sales, services and even disposal. The transponder can be connected directly to the cargo or its container, and it can do a lot of things.

Of course, if you are interested in UHF RFID reader,please come to our company Winnix Technologies Co.,anytime for consultation. Winnix offers a full range of RFID Readers at Ultra High Frequency(865-868mhz, 902-928MHz) and ISO Standard ISO18000-6C EPC Gen 2. Our Readers support the RFID Chips and Transponders from Leading Manufacturer as Alien, Murata,Impinj, Smartrack etcWinnix RFID Reader is ideal for Industrial applications like warehouse management, logistics container tracking, production line management.

 In addition, we offer software development kit(SDK) and demo software for testing purpose for all our RFID Readers. You can develop additional functions upon your requirement. Also private protocol customization is supported.

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