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UHF RFID Tags Useful, But Potentially Risky

2019-03-20 13:55:13

UHF RFID chips are usually passive inductive power supply chips, which are used in many areas of life, from bar code substitution of supermarket products to identification of lost dogs and cats. This is a small battery-powered electronic device that can be carried around. Once the UHF RFID tag is activated, the tag decodes the inputted queries and uses the energy of the input radio wave to provide the chip with a long enough time to answer, thus generating the correct answer.

Many other companies are using RFID for a large application. Some of these applications include supply chain management, machine-driven payment, physical access control, anti-counterfeiting, airline baggage management, and smart home and office. The following are more common forms of labels: a flat, thin and flexible form; a flat, thin and flexible paper label; and a flat, thin label embedded in hard plastic to prolong service life. Glass bead: A small label in a cylindrical glass bead used for animal marking and other applications.

UHF RFID tags add value and accuracy to many applications, such as compliance tags for retail distribution centers. High-speed process of postal and package distribution. Manufacturing process control and confirmation, material tracking, air baggage identification and routing system, single-pass multi-project identification. RFID technology can be used to improve the productivity and tracking of discrete manufacturing and process manufacturing. These tags have been used for many years for radio frequency identification applications such as toll collection, vehicle and container tracking. The most common applications are payment systems, access control and asset tracking. Active and semi-passive UHF RFID tags are useful for tracking high-value goods that require long-distance reading, such as train carriages on rails, but their cost is higher than passive tags, which means they cannot be used for low-cost goods.

However, easy tracking of UHF RFID tags opens the door to privacy violations. The immediate adoption of RFID technology has attracted the attention of privacy-related groups, such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union. Civil liberties organizations fear that radio frequency identification technology is being used to infringe people's privacy; radio frequency identification tags allow immoral individuals to spy on others and secretly collect their information without their approval or even knowledge.

UHF RFID tag technology is an alternative to bar code technology. It identifies tag items by wireless communication between electronic reader and data tag on microprocessor chip. The main disadvantage of passive UHF RFID tag is that they can only be read within a short distance, usually up to a few feet. Passive UHF RFID tags are more suitable for storage environments with less interference and relatively short distances.

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