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UHF RFID Tags for Asset Management

2019-03-21 09:48:43

When you have inventory to manage, the UHF RFID tagging system can be the perfect solution for maintaining, controlling and accounting inventory, because it moves in your business. UHF RFID tags are essentially "intelligent" barcodes that transmit data to the receiver of the system through radio frequency. Then, the software catalogs the data and performs any necessary operations, such as ordering more raw materials. The UHF RFID tag does not transmit the digital identifier alone, but can be programmed to transmit any data you can imagine.

Initially, these UHF RFID tagging systems were used to track and manage livestock, but now industry, including manufacturing and groceries, has begun to adopt this technology because of its unparalleled inventory tracking capabilities. Imagine a grocery store that fully supports radio frequency identification. Everything in your shopping cart has a label, so you don't have to go through the checkout line, just go out, and the sensors there will collect information about the items you buy. Sensors send information over the network to grocery stores'suppliers and to banks to withdraw bills when swiping cards.

Later, these UHF RFID tags were used to track fleet vehicles, sanatorium patients and even pets. With the development of technology, tags can even store and transmit caches of shopping preferences.

Many people mistakenly believe that the genius of radio frequency identification is not on the label. The key to this technology is an asset management and tracking solution for managing data collected from tags. The tag itself is a relatively simple circuit connected to the transmitter. If you have highway pass tags on your card, you will be familiar with these tags. They are quite simple and easy to mass produce.

On the other hand, asset management systems are much more complex. If you plan to use radio frequency tags to simplify relatively simple routines, there are several packages with multiple settings with different goals and objectives. But if you really want to optimize your efficiency and decide to fully integrate RFID, you might consider a customized inventory management program. Using custom programs, you can determine exactly which variables to track in any number of projects.

With these UHF RFID tags, you can automatically reorder, maintain plans, or any other operation you can dream of. When your production line is running and your stock of raw materials begins to drop below the critical point, your system will trigger an automatic reorder. The final result is a seamless, streamlined production line based on just-in-time inventory management. Now, whether raw materials or finished products, your business no longer has to bear the cost of storage and maintenance of inventory.

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