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UHF RFID for Colleges and Universities Management

2019-06-25 09:24:38

    The construction of fixed assets equipment in Colleges and universities is becoming more and more advanced. The constant increase of fixed assets in Colleges and universities has caused great difficulties in management because of the high value of computers, instruments and teaching equipment, the large number of them, the long use period, the scattered use places and the difficulty of management. Fixed Assets Management in RFID Colleges and Universities Gives Better Teaching Environment!


For the limited teaching funds of schools, considering the cost of management, technology and other factors, fixed assets management is managed by the traditional barcode coding method, which costs less. However, due to the need to spend a lot of manpower and time, the life cycle of equipment is greatly affected. RFID technology has become a great helper in asset management. By placing RFID tags on each asset device, automation and information management can be realized, which greatly improves the efficiency and quality of management.



The Internet of Things (IOT) is a network concept that extends and extends its client to any object and objects through radio frequency identification (RFID), infrared sensor, global positioning system, laser scanner and other information sensing devices according to the agreement, and carries out information exchange and communication. To realize the connection of any item with the Internet, exchange information and communicate, so as to realize a network concept of intelligent identification, location, tracking, monitoring and management. The office can control all-round equipment fixed assets information, real-time monitoring, inventory, reduce management manpower, material resources, financial input, improve work efficiency, management level and management efficiency.


The system uses RFID technology and the existing Internet infrastructure to build the equipment fixed assets management Internet of Things system. The equipment fixed assets management Internet of Things system is divided into four parts: (1) asset information registration. (2) System management platform. (3) Internet. (4) Terminal.


Through the equipment fixed assets management Internet of things system reformed on the basis of the existing internet, the workload of our fixed assets management has been reduced greatly, and the scientific basis for the school's assets evaluation and decision-making has been provided more reliable and real-time, so as to avoid the hidden dangers that may be caused by the school in the fixed assets management link. The concrete manifestations are as follows:


(1) Strengthen the concept of fixed assets management. Through this system, school leaders can easily grasp the status of fixed assets of all buildings in the whole school, and provide scientific and reliable basis for approval and decision-making of construction projects, renovation and improvement projects, equipment maintenance projects and equipment replacement projects declared by various departments.


(2) To break through the previous large-scale and regular inventory of fixed assets and transform it into real-time monitoring, and to conduct regular or irregular inventory of fixed assets, effectively strengthening the supervision of assets and ensuring the safety of assets. (3) Strengthen the management of assets for operation, eliminate the private and private use of public assets, and further strengthen the regulation and security of assets through systematic monitoring.


(4) Resolve the replacement and idleness of assets. Monitor inventory equipment and timely allocation of inventory equipment.


(5) Save management costs.


(6) The system has strong expansibility. In the laboratory asset management terminal, according to the school card, some terminal card reading equipment can be added. It is easy to monitor the use of the laboratory, grasp the use rate of the laboratory in real time, and provide scientific raw data for the construction of the laboratory.


RFID technology has become a major core force in asset management. The application characteristics of RFID technology, such as automatic collection, large information capacity, fast response speed and simple operation, will greatly reduce the tedious manual labor of asset managers in Colleges and universities and improve the efficiency of labor.

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