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UHF RFID technology for electricity companies

2019-06-28 17:28:19

    The non-contact, long-distance and automatic collection of information by using RFID technology can realize the timely transmission and feedback of asset change information, which enables the real-time transmission and data processing of life cycle management of power assets at all stages and on-site physical information. RFID technology will add luster to the management of power assets and equipment, and make the life cycle management of assets and power visualized and informationized.


RFID Power Asset Management:

1. Manage the life cycle of assets in an all-round way and strictly control all links.

2. Early warning and comprehensive monitoring

3. Personalized Definition

4. Using advanced RFID technology, data statistics is professional and accurate.

5. Management on duty, responsibility to people, power and responsibility more clearly

6. Supporting multi-organizational system and centralized management


Equipment inspection and maintenance, fixed assets inventory and asset life cycle tracking management, RFID technology will provide better information collection, real-time understanding of equipment inspection, maintenance, operation status, timely detection of hidden dangers in advance, in order to avoid the development of hidden dangers into failure leading to greater losses. Patrol inspectors need to report the relevant situation timely, accurately, clearly and completely after discovering the hidden trouble of equipment. Relevant departments will organize and arrange maintenance personnel to repair according to the information provided in the report, so as to eliminate the hidden trouble.


Power grid assets tracking management uses RFID handheld collection terminal to collect information on the physical identification of the site. The handheld collection terminal of RFID has anti-interference, read-write distance, stability, reliability and other factors. The technology of RFID enables power grid assets security management to provide automatic information acquisition. Power assets information is bound by RFID tags, and RFID reading and writing acquisition equipment stores, contactless batch reading and data transmission of RFID tag information. For the daily operation and maintenance of RFID tag data, it can realize the dynamic tracking management of equipment, eliminate the difficulties, blind spots and obstacles of asset management, and realize the precise positioning management of asset equipment. Its application in the field of asset management will have a very good prospect, which will bring high efficiency and economic benefits.



In power equipment asset management, RFID automatic identification technology plays a very important role in fixed asset management, asset life cycle tracking and equipment inspection and maintenance. Great improvement of work efficiency saves labor costs and avoids all kinds of errors in inventory. RFID technology can more accurately understand the stock and distribution of fixed assets.
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