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UHF RFID technology in quarry

2019-06-21 10:51:11

    With the rapid development of urban construction, the management of quarries also has higher requirements. The quarry uses RFID technology to improve the efficiency of the quarry, the safety of vehicle transportation and the safety of workers. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a non-contact automatic identification technology, which can work in the harsh environment of quarries, and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, long-distance identification and acquisition. It enables quarries to achieve scientific and technological, information management. The smart application of RFID technology in quarry!


RFID technology automatically identifies and collects quarry stone information collection, vehicle weight information in and out of the quarry, stone identification information out of the factory, terminal computer management and so on.


Stone Information Collection: The information of finished stones, such as length, width, height and weight of stones, is written into the electronic tag through the RFID tag reader, and the user information of stones is stored in the tag. And fix the electronic tag on the stone. All stone information is stored in the computer through wireless network and terminal computer connection.


Weight Information of Vehicles in and out: Equipped with electronic tags on vehicles transporting stones, we can write the weight information and vehicle information of vehicles in and out into the electronic tags. It can automatically calculate the daily output of stone and the working condition of the vehicle by the weight difference between the vehicle's entry and exit.


Out-of-factory stone identification information: Because the stone is equipped with electronic tags, when the stone is out of the factory, we can check the electronic tag reader through the out-of-factory goods, we can know whether the stone on the vehicle meets the requirements of the out-of-factory. When all the conditions meet the requirements of the factory, the access control system opens and sends the information of the factory stone back to the terminal computer. These tasks can be completed in an instant, which reduces a lot of labor costs.


Terminal management computer is the key point of application. All data are processed synthetically and corresponding operation instructions are issued. Including all stone information, stone user information, stone factory information, etc. Users can know the current state of each stone at any time. The application of electronic label system can greatly improve the management of stone and save management costs. When an object with an electronic tag is in the readable range of the reader, the reader sends out a magnetic field, and the query signal will activate the tag. The tag will reflect the signal according to the received query signal. After the reader receives the signal reflected by the tag, it reads and identifies the electronic data stored in the tag without contact through the decoding process of the internal circuit, thus achieving automation. The purpose of recognizing objects. Then the object recognition is realized by computer and computer network.


When the stone production is completed, the RFID tag is installed on the stone and read out by the RFID reader in a non-contact way within a certain distance. The dynamic monitoring system based on radio frequency identification technology can simultaneously track and identify multiple target objects with electronic tags in a certain range in a non-contact, high-speed and accurate parallel manner. Therefore, as long as the stone is installed with a reader, the lD number of the electronic tags of all the stones will be read automatically, and then the system will transmit the lD number of the tag and the related information of the stones. Send it to the background system for processing.  



The RFID reader is installed at the entrance of the stone warehouse and at the gate of the factory. When stones enter the warehouse, the information of stones is automatically transmitted to the management computer through the RFID reader, and the computer will automatically register the stones into the warehouse. When the stone is out of storage, the delivery information and place of the stone can be written into the electronic label through the RFID reader. At the same time, the computer is managed to register the stone out of storage. When the stone is loaded out of the factory gate, the RFID reader installed in the factory gate will read the information of the electronic label on the stone, and judge whether it meets the requirements of the warehouse and the factory. If it meets the requirements of the factory, the door pole of the factory will open automatically, at the same time, it can export the arrival place of the stone transportation.


Realize the digitalization and scientific management of quarry stone. Effective management of relevant transport vehicles, to create an efficient and reliable management platform, real-time grasp of the transport status of quarries, improve the management level of quarry transport, prevent various management loopholes and property losses.

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