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Use RFID to Arm Smart Fire Fighting to Teeth

2019-07-16 16:03:50

For consumers, the Internet of Things can bring great convenience. In the future, the scale of Internet of Things applications will accelerate.


For example, many people now use contactless payment, which is achieved by short-range radio frequency communication between payment terminals and bank cards equipped with the same technology, smart phones or smart watches. It eliminates the tedious process of inserting physical cards into payment terminals and entering passwords; this payment method can speed up the shopping process and save time.


Radio frequency technology has changed modern life in many ways. One of the most commonly used forms of radio frequency communication in the Internet of Things is RFID technology. Research shows that a large number of retailers use this technology on clothing labels. Whether goods inventory report or payment terminal identification, users can get more convenient experience.


RFID technology has been developed for many years, and its use in the Internet of Things has a full synergistic effect. Because each RFID device has a unique identity, it can be used to identify almost anything. Using devices as part of the connection system provides almost unlimited potential for new applications.


Application of RFID Technology in Intelligent Fire Fighting


Intelligent fire fighting is to connect all kinds of fire fighting equipment, sensors, communication equipment with Internet of Things, big data and other related technical means, through the intelligent terminal platform system to achieve real-time fire fighting equipment information acquisition, collection, transmission, processing, distribution, automation of fire management, intelligent fire fighting and rescue, daily law enforcement department. Intelligent prevention, wisdom command, wisdom fire extinguishing, wisdom management, wisdom law enforcement.


In the routine inspection of fire fighting equipment, the inspectors equipped with RFID radio frequency identification equipment terminal can collect data from the inspection point and get real-time information about the operation of fire fighting equipment. The efficiency of fire inspection can be accelerated by placing encrypted RFID tags on fire fighting equipment or corresponding fire fighting facilities of fire fighting units and scanning induction tags with relevant terminal equipment. Intelligent fire fighting system platform can collect all kinds of scanned equipment information data and automatically complete relevant inspection records. Compared with paper inspection, this method is more convenient and efficient, which improves the phenomenon of inadequate traditional fire inspection and lack of inspection records.


Maintenance of fire fighting equipment and daily inspection are the basis of intelligent fire fighting construction. RFID technology will make the daily management of fire fighting more efficient and concise. The RFID intelligent sensor deployed on the fire fighting equipment can transmit the working condition of the equipment to the intelligent fire fighting platform in real time, which is helpful to understand the operation of the fire fighting equipment in time, and also to detect the potential fire hazards in time.


RFID and Security

Every meeting of the Internet of Things emphasizes the need to strengthen the security of the corresponding systems or technologies in this interconnected world. RFID is no exception. With the development of technology, it introduces a higher level of security in authentication and encryption.


A secure RFID system solution needs to provide security and privacy. Ensure that the information in the radio frequency tag can only be recognized by the legitimate reader.

Function of Intelligent Fire Platform


Intelligent fire platform can realize the grid of fire management. Grid is to divide the urban management jurisdiction into several cell grids according to certain standards. By strengthening the inspection and management of cell grids, a new supervision and management system is established. The idea of intelligent fire control grid management and control provides a practical management scheme for the fire control management of government, industry and enterprise. Applying intelligent grid management mode to fire safety management will help the work of fire safety management come true and promote the efficiency of fire safety supervision and management. The efficiency and quality of fire safety management can make fire safety management better serve the society, enterprises and people's livelihood.


Intelligent fire platform helps to realize: daily inspection intelligence, standardization of inspection methods, data-based operation of equipment, visualization of operation of key fire-fighting parts, timely alarm data of key fire-fighting units, data-based real-time status of building fire-fighting water, systematic training of fire-fighting safety knowledge. Through civil air defense + technical prevention, improve the level of safety management and reduce fire hazards.

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