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What's UHF RFID Readers ?

2019-03-20 10:09:54

UHF RFID reader is a developing technology, which rapidly enters our life from within the scientific community. It is basically an automatic recognition system, the most common in life is barcode, smart card and so on, which helps to identify objects.

The RFID system in UHF RFID reader is composed of specially designed RFID tag, card reader, edge server, middleware and application software. The working principle of the system is to transfer the data stored in the tag to an RFID card reader, which reads the data in turn and processes the data according to the specifications of the application program. The transmitted data may contain information about the location of the label, or details about the label product. The system also includes an interrogator which can detect and activate RFID tags within a certain range and receive responses.

There are three main types of UHF RFID readers, which are used for various purposes in different industries. These three types are passive, semi-passive or semi-active and active UHF RFID readers. This classification is based on the power supply in the UHF RFID reader RFID tag. Passive UHF RFID readers have no power supply, they use the current induced by the radio frequency signal to transmit their response. Therefore, although there is no internal power supply, these UHF RFID readers do not need batteries. There is a small battery in the semi-passive or semi-active UHF RFID reader.Therefore, they are faster than passive UHF RFID readers in response and data collation. In addition, their size and range are very similar to passive UHF RFID readers. Active UHF RFID reader has its own internal power supply. As a result, they are larger and have larger memory sizes, and can communicate with their readers even if they are far apart.

The basic function of UHF RFID reader is to communicate with UHF reader by transmitting radio waves from antenna. UHF RFID readers are classified according to their range, such as UHF, HF and microwave. Their scope also controls the prices of these readers. UHF RFID readers are therefore the most expensive, ranging from $2,500 to $3,000. These UHF RFID readers are so expensive because they don't have integrated circuits, because they are low in production and because custom components are not available. Therefore, the UHF RFID reader has broad prospects for development and can benefit mankind.

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