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RFID Waste Bin Management


RFID is widely used to automate garbage collection. Our RFID tags can be placed inside or outside of trash cans. The tags are read using a RFID reader that is utilized by the drivers in the collection trucks.
Keeping track of trash bins manually requires time and mistakes are made. Trash containers with RFID tags allow waste management companies to operate more efficiently. It helps manage individual carts and customers. The tags have a unique programmed number that associates to a garbage cart and an address.
RFID tags make it possible for loyalty and reward programs that are offered to residents


  • RFID tags that are suitable for harsh environments

  • Waste bin RFID tags simplify service billing

  • RFID enable operators to monitor sorting quality, track the number of times a container is placed for collection and track the weight of its contents.

  • Manageability of inventory of trash cans and bins

  • Maintenance records for replacement or repair of trash cans